May 15, 2023

3 Common Heavy-Duty Truck Axle Repair Mistakes to Avoid

Learn about three common axle repair mistakes to avoid when maintaining heavy-duty trucks. Discover the importance of proper maintenance and repair for the axles, crucial

Heavy-Duty Truck Axle Repair

The axle is one of the most important components of a heavy-duty truck, as it transfers power from the transmission to the wheels. Due to the heavy loads and constant use, the axles of heavy-duty trucks are prone to wear and tear and require regular maintenance and repairs. However, if not done correctly, axle repairs can be costly and time-consuming. In this article, we'll discuss three common heavy-duty truck axle repair mistakes to avoid.

1. Not replacing worn or damaged bearings

One common oversight observed during the repair of heavy-duty truck axles is the failure to replace worn or damaged bearings. Bearings play a pivotal role in ensuring proper axle functionality and are susceptible to deterioration over time. Neglecting their replacement when indications of damage or wear arise can result in detrimental consequences for the axle and other associated components, ultimately leading to costly repair expenses. To avoid this, it is crucial to adhere to a regular inspection regimen for the axles and promptly replace any bearings exhibiting signs of wear or damage. When selecting a heavy-duty truck repair shop, it is advised to inquire about their adherence to this practice. Should the shop demonstrate a pattern of neglecting bearing replacement, it would be advisable to seek alternative service providers.

2. Not properly adjusting the axle

Another common mistake made during heavy-duty truck axle repairs is not properly adjusting the axle. Improper adjustment can cause uneven tire wear, poor handling, and even accidents. This can occur when the axle is not adjusted correctly after repairs, or when the truck is overloaded. To avoid this mistake, it's important to choose a repair shop that has the equipment and expertise to properly adjust the axle. You can check past customer reviews to get a better idea of this. 

3. Failing to identify the exact issue with your axle 

Problems with the axle in your heavy-duty truck can occur for many reasons. It is important to identify the exact issue behind the axle and then proceed with the repair process. However, most heavy-duty truck repair shops out there fail to diagnose the exact problem that they have with the axle of their heavy-duty trucks. This is something that you should be mindful about. You will need to research an experienced heavy-duty truck repair shop, which can diagnose the problem with your axle and help you fix it. 

Final words 

The axle is a critical component of a heavy-duty truck, and regular maintenance and repairs are necessary to ensure its proper function. However, if not done correctly, axle repairs can be costly and time-consuming. To avoid common mistakes, it's important to choose a repair shop that has experienced technicians, replace worn or damaged bearings, and properly adjust the axle. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can ensure that your heavy-duty truck's axle is repaired correctly and that it will last for many years to come.

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